A bit of my Day to Day Practices

As a human being, we are persuaded to get into something that will keep us going every day of our lives. In my way of getting in touch with the realities and necessities, and to be able to meet all my needs up, I had infused myself, heart and mind into being a freelancer.


I love it to the moon and back, and if I have another chance to start all over again and then choose the kind of career to pursue, I’d still choose to be a FREELANCER! It did not only moulded and developed my personality and mindset but also gives me all the opportunities to enjoy some of the great things that life offers, like being able to do stuff at home during my break time, for instance, cooking, reading, and listening to music while working.


Image result for online career quotes
Credit to Best 25 Quotes by Gandhi

I also love it as it gives me the opportunity to be with my loved ones, I mean don’t go out of my home just to work because even after I open my eyes in the morning, I can immediately start working even if I am just in bed. My online career is truly rewarding though similar to other careers it also has several disadvantages which of course are manageable and tolerable. It all depends on our attitude, determination and faith.




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