Seeing the Bright Side of Things

Solitary makes me realize a lot of things and I thank God for giving me the chance to be all alone. At times we are afraid to let go of some things as we prefer to be in a neutral situation but life is not like that, we can only realize how strong, brave, and wise we are if we choose to do things we thought might tore us apart. It’s all about taking risk.

I did hold on for a long time for the love that wasn’t meant for me as I was too afraid to let go. I was afraid that my life would break down into pieces but I prayed and leave everything to God and one day, He did answer my prayer. He gave me the courage I need to let go, to accept and understand things.

Now I am happy being on my own. I never regret the time I wasted as it made me a better person, it molded me and made me where I am now. If people will only learn to see the bright side of things, life would be better I suppose.


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