How I Manage to Stay Happy Despite of the Bad Circumstances

More often people mistaken me for being flirt due to my sweetness, and weak for being so kind but I am not sad or worried about it as I am only concern with what God thinks of me. I am not here on earth to please everybody anyway. The very reason why I am here, is that God wants me to fulfill his plans for me which is to live the life He gave me that when I am on the last moment of my breath, I could just happily say, Lord, I did my part and I don’t have any regret at all.

I am strong-willed and I believe I was born to share, to love, and to stand for what I think is right without intentionally insulting, or harming everyone around me. I do have my bad and good side but most of the time I prefer to nurture the latter.

My childhood days has never been so good or exciting but it taught me loads of moral lessons. At my young age, I learned how to work in the farm, to feed cows, carabaos, horses, chicken, dogs, pigs and goats. Not only that, I also experienced working all day long under the heat of the sun. I and the rest of my siblings had to fetch water from the spring everyday so we can survive; we had to get up early as we had to walk for an hour in order to get to our school. And the funny thing is, during rainy days we had to walk barefooted or else our slippers will get destroyed all over. I think, Havaianas and Ipanema weren’t available during those days.

During weekends, Tatay and Nanay wanted us to work in the farm together with them. We had to do weeding, fertilizing, seed planting to name a few.  I can still recall how my tears run down from my lovely eyes every time I got asked to work under the heat of MR Sun.  I didn’t just hate the sun though, I also hated it much when I got insect bites, bruises and cuts.  However, I am not shy to admit that I did all these, that once in my life I was a very poor kid wanting to reach her dreams in life.

Despite of the hardships I had been through, I still managed to remain grateful and happy because the good Lord has blessed me with responsible, loving, caring, kind and great parents. I had a very great father who never failed to give me words of advice which most often had melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. My late father molded me and taught me loads of great things and moral lessons that has helped me stand for what I think is right, and had motivated me to remain a good person no matter what I go through in life.  Not only that, the good Lord also gave me a wonderful and super hardworking mother, who never fail to remind me to spend my money wisely and to work harder every day so I would be able to attain all my goals in life. The person you see in me, (those who knew me well under the skin) is the reflection of my parents, on how they raised me and the rest of my siblings. Indeed, one of the factors that will determine the success and failure of a person is how he was raised. With this truth, I made a promise to myself and to God that when I become a mother, a parent, and a wife in the near future, I will make the most of what God has given me so when I look back someday, I would still be able to smile even if I no longer have my full set of teeth. 🙂

I hope somehow I have been able to touch your heart in mysterious and wonderful ways.

More inspiring topic soon…


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