How I Become a Writer

I write with Passion

Two decades ago, you will see me wearing worn out slippers with different straps, faded shorts, and not so white (wala pa ariel sang una) Popeye shirt bought by my Tatay when he had a chance to shop after getting some cash from our sugar mill.

I went to a public school which required me to walk more than an hour every day before I got there. No wonder at my young age I already have some varicose veins. Yes! I am not shy to admit it. What I have gone through have contributed too much to what and who I am now as a person.

Truthfully, the first day of school was one of the scariest days of my life. I went to school without knowing what I would do there. LOL. My teacher asked me to write my name and I didn’t know what to do. I asked help from my older sister and thanked God she was kind enough to assist me. I am lucky to have an older sister. J

To make the story short, I stayed dedicated and disciplined with my studies on the elementary years and I ended being a class valedictorian on school year 1994. Hard work pays!

Anyhow, I was an ambitious little girl and I didn’t give a damn to what and how I look. Ha-ha. My hair was wavy and not to mention, it has split ends which seems to grow thicker every day.  My skin was dark which made look like I came from a black tribe. How unattractive compared to how young girls look these days.

During my elementary days, I already knew that I wanted to be a writer though I don’t have enough time to study how to write perfectly.  After going to school, I had to rush home to fed our pigs, chickens, as well as gather water from the spring. I was too preoccupied that I couldn’t even play harder with other kids. In the next morning, I had to wake up early to check if my caribou had eaten or not. I also need to make sure that I had fed the dogs, chicken and pigs before leaving home for school. I just can’t imagine how I did it. But well, God is kind and graceful. Despite of the hardships I had gone through from my childhood days up to my early adulthood period I still remain happy, thankful and kind. I admit up to these days, I still go through bad times though I am wiser and stronger now. Lucky ME!

On the year 2009, a good friend of mine introduced Odesk to me and I gave it a try. My first job was re-writing articles which gave me a head ache as I used to work as chat support personnel for UK and US based companies. I had to buy grammar pamphlets to start learning Basic English as perfect grammar was required on the job. Apart from that, I also spent a couple of weeks learning about article writing from the list of sites I stumbled upon online. I never thought that the time, effort and dedication I spent with my writing tasks will help me earn cash online and made me a good writer at  the present.

What amazed me most is, to be a writer, you don’t really need to be super brainy at all. Yes! For me you can only be a writer if you have a determined heart, mind and soul to share your thoughts, ideas, opinion, experiences and feelings through writing, and that if you are ready enough to overcome all the obstacles and hardships you come across with while you learn how to write well.


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