A Letter To My Late Tatay


Dear Tatay,

I hope you are happy wherever you are right now. I know you are sad as you witness what my siblings and I are going through at the moment. I know if you were only alive you would never allow yourself to see us to suffering. Even on your last breath you did your best to protect us and I thank you for that. You know Tay, I always feel so bad and sad every time I remember the last word you tried saying while handful of blood is flowing out of your mouth and nose. I really find it hard to let go of your death. I am still struggling until now. I am still having that pain deep inside my heart. Up to now I am still longing for your presence, guidance, advices, and care. Wla adlaw nga nd taka madumduman, for about 15 years, constant lang dyapon ang na feel ko adlaw adlaw sa pg kadula mo but baton ko naman ang truth it’s just that I always learn the hard way, that I always have to lead… It’s very tiring. I wish I could sleep for a year nga pg bugtaw ko wla nko paminsaron kongdi mga good memories nalng…

I’ll soon celebrate my birthday nga wla ka. I’ll soon spend my vacation without you. I know you don’t want to see me crying or hurting but I just want you to know that I am fine, that I can handle everything that comes my way, that I will continue to be a blessing to my siblings, to my friends and to other people who needed me. I always remember everything you taught me, and that includes, being humble, respectful, sweet, kind and sensitive about others needs and feelings.

Tatay ko, you will always be my best friend, and you will always be the best Man in my life. I won’t settle till I find someone like you. PS kabudlay mangita prehas sa imo. And frankly speaking dutay nalng guys nga my prehas cmo qualities. (LOL) Kong my ara man may mga tag iya na. I just miss talking to you tay. I know how much you miss us, I know how much you miss saying happy birthday to me. I love you Tay, so much!

Missing you,


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