Live your Life, Take Risk

ImageIn my more than 28 year of existence, I realized that life is nonsense if you are not taking risks. It is not an accident that you were here on earth, that you were created, that you were given mind, body, heart and soul. It is not an accident that you were created with multiple talents and even hidden talents that are still waiting to be unveiled. Indeed you were destined to do something, to build something, and to make a difference and to be something! Something of great value not just in the eyes of man but more importantly in the eyes of our creator.

No venture, no gain! Indeed! We will only realize our potential if we are going to take risk. We will only discover what and who we really are under the skin if we are going to take risk. However there are people who prefer to play safe rather than take risk. Most of these people belong to the group of mediocrity. They are content with what is there, they do not realize that there is more for them, that the creator has prepared too many great things for them.

As stated, ask and it will be given, seek and you will find. On the other hand it is also stated that the creator already know what we need. This is true but it only pertains to our basic needs. For example as a father, you already know that your son needs to be enrolled at school and you provide the money to make things easier for him. However, if your son wants to buy a north face bag or a pair or Nike shoes and he won’t tell it to you, will you know it? So why not ask the creator to bless all the great things that He prepared for you? Whilst asking of course you also need to work for it. Prayer without actions won’t work at all.

Why people won’t take risk? What is stopping them?


* Fear of rejection

* Need for approval

* Need to avoid guilt

* Need to always be right

* Need to know all the “ins’ and out’s” of a situation

* Need for certainty

* Lack of belief in yourself and others

* Fear of being incompetent

* Desire to avoid conflict

* Unresolved anger

* Poor role modeling in family of origin

* Fear of failure

* Unwillingness to face problems honestly

* Lack of assertiveness in protection of your own rights

* Inability to take the responsibility for your own life

* Unwillingness to accept possible negative consequences

* Preferring to be unhappy, mired in your problem

* Playing it safe

* A need for security

* Fear of hurting others

* Rationalizing the lack of need for direct action

* Denial that a problem exists and that action needs to be taken

* Projecting the need for action onto others

* Intellectualizing about a problem to avoid action

* Exempting yourself of responsibility to resolve a problem

* Relying on others to resolve your problems

* Alcohol or drug abuse “clouding” thinking

* Over-emotional response to a problem

* Humoring yourself and others to ignore the problem

* Over concern for everybody but yourself

* Fear of pain (“no pain, no gain”)

* Absence of desire to change

* Irrational belief that it is impossible to change the situation

* A disregard for the rights of yourself and others

* Confusion about your role in handling the problem

* Lack of ownership of the problem

* Over-sentimentality for the needs of others

* Enjoying the sympathy you receive from others for the problem you face

* Inability to let go of an old belief in a person or institution

* A belief that life should always be fair

Let us not allow fear to stop us from reaching our dreams in life. Of all God’s creations, we are the most beautiful, wonderful and perfect piece He did. We were given wisdom, knowledge and understanding so we can pursue and fulfill our purpose in life. As much as possible and as long as we can, let’s do our part as a human, and let’s be a blessing to others.



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