Crown-ticipating: Aiza Faeldonia

Crown-ticipating: Aiza Faeldonia.


Crown-ticipating: Aiza Faeldonia

Who could resist Binibini 7 Aiza Faeldonia? Who could resist Binibini 7 Aiza Faeldonia?

aizaff1 There’s always something about Binibini 7 Aiza Faeldonia. An air of beautiful mystery surrounds her aura everytime she takes her turn onstage and stops in the middle to make a pose that drives people to yearn for more of what she can deliver. Add to that the fact that she is representing Sultan Kudarat and the interest deepens.

This R-L Angel is one of those candidates who never lagged behind this year. She may not be lording it over in the list of anyone’s favorites, but she can definitely pack a punch if given the chance to face-off with one of them. And this is where her spoilerish role in the batch is seriously taken by many. If she maximizes the remaining days of the competition and gives her more than 100% personal best to the key individuals who matter, then I wouldn’t…

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