Some of the Lessons I Learned from My 10-Year-Failed Relationship


Each of us has unique, exciting, inspiring, motivating, fantastic and life-changing story to tell. Just like everyone else, I also have failed relationships which made me a better person, passionate lover, considerate partner, understanding and a compassionate friend.

I currently have a happy relationship with the man I disregarded in the past, but his persistence made me realised how much he deserves my love and affection. When I opened my heart and gave this man the chance to be a part of my life, I realised why my past relationship didn’t work out.

I excruciatingly and eventually came out from a ten-year relationship four years ago. It wasn’t easy at all. There were nights when I couldn’t sleep at all, all I did was just cry harder inside my room. There were days when I only stayed inside my room, I never ate, I had to smoke a lot while drinking whiskey on my own, and it was one of the hardest things I experienced in my entire life. The pain of being alone, the agony of starting all over again on my own, and the pain of being ignored and unwanted by the man whom I thought would be my last and forever love. It was unexplainable!!!

On the other hand, after almost a year of grieving, denying, acting bitter, and mean, I realised that I had to move on, I had to let go of him, and that I have to start focusing on what matters. Nobody knows what I had gone through deep within, only God and my siblings who live with me. My siblings witnessed how hard it was for me to accept the fact that I am no longer the woman of the man I once loved unconditionally.

I believe everything happens for a reason, but if you only open your heart and mind, and if you live up everything to God, you will realise that God took something out of your life as He planned to give you something more significant and that He wants you to learn great lessons.
Below are the lessons I learned from my broken one-decade relationship.

1. Compromise – always compromise no matter how difficult the situation is. My past relationship will never last for ten years if my partner never practised the attitude of compromising. I was a bitch and a little bratty, and he did his best to compromise every time we fought. I learned to compromise as well, but it was a little late. These days, I learn better how to compromise. I learned how to discuss things subtly.

2. Don’t Demand – I am not the only child and not been raised as a bratty kid, but I admit I was demanding with my past partner. Probably because I was used that he did every little thing I ask for. In the long run, I turned demanding and dominative which is not good at all. In my current relationship, I avoid being demanding. Instead I only appreciate what he gives and what he can share, but honestly, I receive more than I deserve. Thanks for the lesson I learned and for my current partner who sees the beauty I have deep within.

3. Be Sensitive – I was not too sensitive to my past relationship. I should have been though. I can’t imagine how he managed to drive from the top of a mountain during rainy nights, only to pick me up from work and send me home safe and sound. And when he arrived late, I chose to nag instead of thanking him. He even drove the rocky road in our farm only to ensure that I could come home safely and he could also spend some time bonding with my family. Thanks for what you did. These days, I become more sensitive about my partner’s feelings and circumstances.

I have loads to share, but my fingers are starting to get hurt now. I will see you in my next post though. Thank you for your time. I hope this post can somehow serve as enlightenment and inspiration to couples out there.


Find out How a Mega Grip Car Vent Mount Saved Someone

61gxzd14hxL._SL1296_ (1)Driving is the bread and butter of Larry and he has been doing it for a decade now. On the 19th of November 2014, he was his driving a taxi cab with one stocky build man passenger. The passenger said he has to go home real quick as there was an emergency. Larry drove fast with hesitancy on his mind. They reached the woods area where nobody seemed to pass by, the place was a little creepy but Larry remained calm though he was thinking what he would be doing in case the stocky build guy beat him up and take his cash.

The passenger told Larry to stopped, and he immediately pulled up a knife from his bag. Without thinking twice Larry stopped the car and quickly grabbed the Mega Grip Car Vent Mount in front of him. He used it to beat the stocky build guy by hitting his nose with it. The scenario went real quick. When the passenger saw the blood running down from his nose, he immediately collapsed. Larry learned that this man has phobia for blood.

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Review for Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro with Built-In Remote on Handle for GoPro, Apple & Android Phones

k2-_b05d4957-ecf1-4a63-a52f-67f049cef49a.v1I do not usually write reviews for products, apps or services I purchase but since I fancy this Selfie Stick Pro with Built-In Remote I decided to create a brief post for this accessory.

Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro with Built-In Remote on Handle for GoPro, Apple & Android Phones is totally lightweight and adjustable. It fits to all types of smartphones like Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″, 4.7″, 5 4 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2, Note 4 3 2, HTC One M8, LG G2 G3 G Flex, Motorola Moto E G X, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, and more…

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Another thing I like about this Selfie Stick Pro with Built-In Remote is that, it has Bluetooth which functions pretty well.

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