Find out How a Mega Grip Car Vent Mount Saved Someone

61gxzd14hxL._SL1296_ (1)Driving is the bread and butter of Larry and he has been doing it for a decade now. On the 19th of November 2014, he was his driving a taxi cab with one stocky build man passenger. The passenger said he has to go home real quick as there was an emergency. Larry drove fast with hesitancy on his mind. They reached the woods area where nobody seemed to pass by, the place was a little creepy but Larry remained calm though he was thinking what he would be doing in case the stocky build guy beat him up and take his cash.

The passenger told Larry to stopped, and he immediately pulled up a knife from his bag. Without thinking twice Larry stopped the car and quickly grabbed the Mega Grip Car Vent Mount in front of him. He used it to beat the stocky build guy by hitting his nose with it. The scenario went real quick. When the passenger saw the blood running down from his nose, he immediately collapsed. Larry learned that this man has phobia for blood.

Larry was really thankful that he bought the Mega Grip Car Vent Mount or else he could have been beaten up by that bad guy. Indeed it helps if you are prepared.

Here’s a link if you haven’t see a Mega Grip Car Vent Mount yet.


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