3 Useful Tips to Be Happy


One of the most byzantine things in life is finding real happiness. Loads of people I know believed with the concept that they will only achieve real happiness once they become rich. I can’t agree or disagree with this belief knowing the fact that each of us follows different formulas in finding happiness.
On the other hand, I would like to share what Mr. Jim Carry said on one of his quotes, I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer. Yes, obviously, it feels perfectly great if you have money, abundant of it to be exact, but why there are loads of millionaires who are still chasing happiness though they already have plenty of cash in their hands? They could just buy this, and that – name it and they will have it. But again, why there are still a lot of millionaires who get caught up committing suicide because of life’s complexity and not being able to find real happiness? These questions are all complicated but the good news is we are not going to focus on these. So before I run out of time, let me dispense with you some of the tips to be truly happy in accordance with my own personal experiences.

  • Give time, and always appreciate – a lot of people I know do not acknowledge the power of appreciation. Yes, all of us want to feel appreciated with the little things we do. Even small children in school desires to be appreciated with their not-so-perfect sketches on the paper. Someone I know back in my high school days shared his story with me why be has been so rude, and mean during our high school years. He told me that his parents were so busy making a living that they failed to appreciate his achievements in school. Later on, he engaged himself doing not-so-big crimes in school like stealing a little, cheating a little, bullying our classmates etc., and when he got caught, he would be so happy that his parents could visit him at school and interrogate questions about his misconduct. For him, that would only be the time for his parents to see how he is, and what’s really going on with him. I am not a parent yet, but I can attest to this experience. Personally, I would love to encourage everyone to appreciate what others do for you, even if it’s just too little. Remember great things came from small ones. I am not a professional writer or life coach but I highly believe the great impact of the so called restoration process which means I prefer to restore what’s broken rather than destroy it. Hmm, reminds me of The song entitled Fix You by The Cold Play band. Such a beautiful song! Worth listening to, promise!
  • Practice Empathy – countless of businesses triumphed by practicing empathy. But what is empathy? Well, empathy means putting yourself to another person’s shoes. In ilonggo it is what we call Pasunaid. More often, I feel dismayed seeing other people’s insensitivity towards others. When it happens I just take a deep breath and tell myself I wish these insensitive people would learn to be sensitive with others feelings and circumstances, I wish these people would learn how to practice empathy towards others. I know we cannot blame them or teach them to be like this or like that but I hope one day insensitive people would learn to be sensitive, and compassionate. I know I cannot teach everyone, but I believe this article could somehow get somewhere and I would be very happy if in a way or another, it could touch lives, and soften bitter hearts. In my personal experience I have always admired a number of friends I’m connected with who remains understanding and professional despite of my circumstances and shortcomings. These people taught me to be more considerate, and more sensitive with those who are being so unfair with me in the past and even these days. Let us teach ourselves to stay cool and compassionate despite of our circumstances. At the end of the day, its not what we do that matters but it’s how we made other people feel. With that, let’s treat others the way we want to be treated. This is the golden rule. Our teacher taught us about this since grade school. Hmm I wonder though why others aren’t implementing this.
  •  Pray, let go and learn to just accept things that is beyond your control – there are things in life that we cannot control or direct, but we can always teach ourselves to accept them with all our heart, mind and might. Let’s teach ourselves to learn to be responsive rather than reactive.

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