What I want My Man to Be

downloadI am not really looking for a rich man who can give me this and that, who can buy me this and that. I believe if two people love each other, they will help each other achieve their goals and dreams together. If there is love, there’s commitment and the rest will just follow.

My parents started from scratch but they were able to send us to prestigious schools and have provided our needs and even our wants which is cool. *wink* They did their best to give us the life we have now, we may not have everything but we are happy together despite of the ups and downs we go through. The bottom line is, my father was so in love with my mother that he was completely ready to die just to prove his love. When they met,  my father didn’t have enough money to spend for their wedding, and with that, he had to go to Manila to work for the Roxas and Lacson family, doing construction projects.

I don’t want to brag but apart from being a great father, and a great husband, my Tatay was also a good carpenter. While in Manila, he worked hard, and saved as much as he can. After a couple of years he came back and married my mother. Their love story made me realized that if something is really worth it, it wouldn’t be easy at all. Something of great value takes time, and it requires determination, persistency, and dedication.

And in accordance to how I want my future partner to be, here are the top three qualities I want my him to possess.

  • He must understand and recognized the true meaning of respecting and loving his parents. Respect, discipline and other moral values starts from home. If the guy doesn’t know the real importance of respecting his parents, it would be pretty hard to discipline or change him to be a better man.
  • He must be a man of virtue and knowledge. You can’t share what you do not have, you can’t teach what you do not know, and you can’t impose what you do not possess. A man of virtue and knowledge knows how important it is to be a better man simply because that’s what he was created for. Men were designed to be a source of goodness and wisdom. If this truth is not acknowledged first, it would be hard to make someone believe it.
  • He must be compassionate with others, and above all he must have faith to the One UP Above – who created us and the universe.

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