Top Three Lessons I Learned from My Grandma’s Bereavement

Got the pic from google.
Got the pic from google.

As I continue to journey the life I have I realized that life itself is unpredictable and full of uncertainties.  I might be active on writing this piece right now but I could never tell if I would still be alive the next day or so. The thought of leaving the body that God has blessed us with is scary but if we truly understand what the bible says about everlasting life, we will be able to fully accept what death means.

As with the death of my grandma, I realized loads of things and learned lots of lessons lncluding…

  • Life is but a dream – My grandma had lived for more than 80 years but after her last breath, I felt like every memory I shared with her only happened in my dream. I can’t believe that she is not here anymore. That no matter what I do or say, everything I hold of at this very moment were all just wonderful memories. I’m just glad though that I haven’t done or said anything that had made her upset. I may not be a perfect granddaughter but I did my part the best way I know I can.
  • Compassion – My late grandma is one of the most compassionate and generous women I know. She didn’t have much in life but she never failed to share what she has with others. Honestly, I think I resemble her generosity and attitude of being so compassionate with others.I remember when my ex prepared fruit shakes for everyone in the house; grandma said she will reserve her glass of fruit shake to Nanay Josephine, her eldest daughter who is my mother that left for Bacolod that time to buy our needs at home. When Lola said that, I realized how thoughtful and kind she is. I hope there are still loads of people like my grandma. The world would be a better place for sure if everyone is kind and thoughtful enough towards their loved ones.
  •  Appreciate – I often hear my grandma appreciating those who are kind to her. She always ensures to name out people who remember her on a regular basis. Three days after her death, I had the chance to talk to one of my Aunties who resides next to my grandma’s house back in the farm. She told me how my grandma bragged about my kindness towards her. My eyes burst in tears after knowing how grateful she was that I am her granddaughter. Her appreciation for all that I have done, are some of the things that truly made me happy. For me, appreciation is one of keys to make other people feel loved and valued.

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