About The Author


I am a multi-talented country girl with various interests in life from mountains to beaches, music to horror stories, fingertips to hair cuticles, land to outer space, water to dust, trips to solitary, and a lot more. I was raised well by my parents, and they taught me a lot of things which influenced my inner being. My late Father taught me to stay humble no matter how great I’d become and my Nanay taught me to spend my money wisely and to always give my heart some time and space to realize who and what really matters.

I am a thinker and a little bit emotional and most of the time I prefer to speak out my thoughts and emotions through writings. I have too much passion for writing, singing, dancing, and socializing with people from all walks of life.

I love to scream out loud and cry my heart out loud when I am upset and weary. I love to cry till I could no longer open my eyes. (just doing this when I am alone though) I like to laugh, to smile and to appreciate the small things that happens every day. For me nothing can beat having that good laugh with friends and loved ones.

I fancy the blue sky, clear water, full moon, sunrise and sunset.

I admire people who got heads above their shoulders and people who knows how to impose discipline to their subordinates and most of all towards themselves. When I view life according to how I perceive it, there are two things that shouldn’t be ignored and they are respect and discipline. Most successful  and interesting people I know obtain these characteristics. It would be great to belong to these people, I suppose.

I am into a lot of things and I am no quitter. I have a great personality and the attitude of winning. I accept defeat and it never hinder me to strive to get what I deserve. I love life, people, music, nice places, good food, great movies, good books and magazines, natures, beaches, cars, animals, flowers, beautiful houses, bags, red nails, and a  lot more.

I am focused, determined and committed to whatever I work on. So please do not feel rejected when I can’t email or text you back the soonest. I am quite a planner not unless if the situation needs an abrupt response and attention. For instance, emergencies or life and death circumstances.

I say a thing cos I mean it, and I always mean what I say. But with all the great qualities I have, I also have flaws which some people seems to be not seeing them. Truth is, we have flaws that are visible and not visible with others but with the help of those people who truly cares for us, we can eventually overcome those flaws.

In the game of love, I like to gamble but if I’d be hurting people, I always give in. As they say, if you love someone, set him free, and if you two are meant to be together, love will always find the way.

I can fight for what is right but I can’t fight for what I love if its going to cause pain to some people around me. I wanted to overcome this but I think this one of the reasons why I am blessed. Hurting others intentionally is not really the kind of game I wanted to play in life though I also believe that at some point I have hurt others without intending it.

I am a great secret keeper, a trustworthy person and a very compassionate woman but if you broke my trust and if you take me for granted, I promise you, you will find it hard to win me back!

I am nice and kind but I can be a bit devilish too if you dare me and once you hurt the people I care about. I am strong and courageous but I fear seeing people fighting and most of all I fear disobeying God. I am not afraid of death and I am ready to face it anytime, however I hope the good Lord will help me fulfill all my missions before He take away my precious life.

I am ambitious, a dreamer,  believer and  doer of course! I love taking risk and I always prepare myself for the consequences of my actions. I appreciate life and I live it to the fullest with the people who matters to me and those who value me.

And lastly, I know everything will come to an end whether I like it or not but I hope somehow I will be able to touch others lives with what I share. I may appear too strong but believe me I got a big heart.