You’ll Missed 20% of Your Life if You Won’t Read this


I take it you’re reading this right now as you are also one of those people who wanted to love life and just enjoy it to the fullest though seems like there’s something missing that you can’t just figure out what it is. We’ll you have the right attitude, and there’s nothing that you cannot overcome. Believe it! You will shine!
Promise, we value your time, we care about you, and your life – so please just go ahead and read the Top Five Tips on How to Live your Life to the fullest which we exclusively prepared for you!

1. Pause. No, it’s not about literally pausing from what you do. It’s about learning how to take a break, to slow down, and to just communicate with your inner self. Look back, talk to yourself, evaluate yourself. Are all those things you did in the past, the other day, or a couple of hours back had made significant changes in your life? Were you able to benefit from them, did other people benefit from them as well? Life is not merely about you, your wants, your likes, your frustrations or your dreams. Life is more about sharing what you have, appreciating what is there, and fulfilling dreams that the majority should benefit from. Until we do not realize that life is meant to be shared, we will never learn to value what we have around us. So today, take a break and just be thankful for what you have. You are what you are now because of what you had been in the past. You have this day to be able to create a wonderful tomorrow, so be glad and be thankful for it. Just pause for a while, lift your heart, embrace who you are and what you are made of.

2. Release. Do not hold anything back, do not make it hard for yourself. Do not ever try to hold on unto something that is not making you a better person. Life is like a box, so be careful what you put inside it. Be careful what you incorporate with your life. Want to know how to be extra careful? Learn to release! Yes, release that resentment, that greediness, that jealousy, that negativity, that arrogance, anything that can poison your life must be released, eliminated and eradicated. It can be a little hard at first, but don’t worry, the beginning is always the hardest. Learn to make some little sacrifices today, learn to release and just let it be! Live your life, don’t get trapped!

3. Touch. You like it, touch it! No, it’s not literally about touching the woman or the man you fancy. It’s about touching others’ lives. It’s not what you have done that will make people remember you, it’s how you made them feel. Some of the most interesting people in this world, have touched lives in a way that is beyond their imaginations. If you have that pure intention to live life to the fullest, touching others’ lives will never be like a responsibility, it would simply be a good habit for you that you cannot go on in a day without engaging yourself into it. So be free, touch lives, and experience that inner joy that money can’t buy!

4. Cut it Off. Yes, you must do it now, or else it will stick with you for life – it’s not something about green jokes but about cutting off whatever it is that is pulling you back or holding you up. Is it fear, resentment, laziness, childish attitude, negativity, greediness, jealousy? Oh, come on, they will not feed your soul, in fact if you let them take a place in your life, you will end up disastrous. Remember, you have all the freedom, and free will – both were given to you not to destroy you but to make you the person that you were created for. Now, evaluate yourself, what is it that you were created for? Were you created only to be manipulated with laziness? Were you created only to be driven by your temper? No, you are greater than that! You are a masterpiece, you are magnificent, do not allow any negativity to degrade your value.

5. Open it. Look up to him! No, not to the performer in the stage! Look up to the one who made you, the one who created your life, and OPEN your heart to Him. Difficult times will come into our lives whether we like it or not but the good news is, they were made for us so we will learn to appreciate the good days. Learn to be always open to whatever life brings forth. Anything that has been made ought to be opened after all. And anything that has been given to you ought to be opened too. So, practice the same, you were given life, heart and mind not because they must be closed but because they ought to be opened! Now, open your heart and let the sun shine in! Kidding, I mean let positive things keep you shining all throughout your life.

Thank you for your time. We value it. 🙂

The Man Who Influenced Me, My Father

181531_10150093760582384_785586_nIf tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. ~Author Unknown

This is to commemorate my late father’s death. It’s almost 19 years!

Tay, wherever you are right now, I hope you are proud of me. I hope you see how much you have influenced my inner being. I hope you see how far I have come because since day one you never cease to believe that I can do it, that I can handle things that comes my way.

Thank you for everything Tay. No one can take your place in my life and in my heart even if I find someone to get married with one to three years from now. (haha) It’s a hard quest but eventually I’ll get there for sure. I am no Elizabeth Queen or Anne Hathaway but I believe I am beautiful and I am a masterpiece. (Amen!!!)

I Miss you so much Tay. I will cherish and treasure all our shared memories until my dying day or even in life after death if God permits (hopefully).

Review: Headley Legal Support Services


I felt privileged to have been given the chance to work with Ross Headley, the CEO of Headley Legal Support Services. Nobody asked me to write a review for this company but due to the fact that I am truly satisfied with the services that Headley Legal Support Services offered me and my colleagues, I decided to just spread the good news all over the web.

One of the lawyers I work with hired Ross Headley and that gave me the opportunity to work with him. I was the one who communicated with him all throughout the process. He was completely professional, highly communicative, credible, reliable and sensible. I thought everyone who provides process services are tough and completely serious but Ross Headley is totally different. He is a man with integrity and honor.

We are definitely going to use his services on a long term basis. To those who are looking for a legal support services, and process services, I highly recommend Headley Legal Support Services.

The services offered by Headley Legal Support Services Include:

  • Legal Process Services
  • Eviction Services
  • Court Reporting Services
  • Polygraph Examination Services
  • Legal Courier Services
  • Notary Public Services

Anyhow, here’s another reputable site that reviewed Ross Headley’s services – Thumbtack!