How a Facebook Page Help Me Get Back In Shape


A couple of months ago, I weighed 62 kilos which is not actually an ideal weight for me. My Physician told me to lose weight but due to lack of sleep and exercise instead of losing some weight I gained more than what I expected.

Last month, I started following a Facebook page named 5speedrunningcoach owned by Coach Ken Rickerman and I was amazed with the way I adapt and apply what Coach Ken is sharing online.

5speedrunningcoach page is one of the most unique Facebook Pages I stumble upon as it doesn’t only share info about running but as well as life changing post from other reputable blog sites.

By simply following 5speedrunningcoach page, I was able to discipline myself to do things that will make me get back to shape such as:

  • Running
  • Eating right kind of food
  • Exercising
  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting enough rest and sleep
  • Relaxing

Coach Ken also offers transform videos that helped me understand how important running is and how it can make us healthy and fit.

Here’s Coach Ken’s Blog Site!


Why It Is Important To Hire A Running Coach?

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” Oprah Winfrey


While I was browsing the athlete magazine I bought a year ago, there was one question that popped up my head and it was all about running. What made me remember it was the memory I had during my elementary years. When I was 10, I was a runner and I represent our school during district and division meet competition.

On the magazine I was reading, I stumbled upon a post which made me asked myself this question. What if I was trained well when I was representing our school during those days? I could have won. I don’t really regret the fact that I was not been trained well before the competition and I wasn’t being told to practice proper alignment when running, to position my body properly etc though I feel the need to write something and share with you guys, especially to those who are into running.

At some point, I created this post as I wanted to encourage and motivate some parents, teachers, guardians, and aspiring runners to give attention to proper training for running. I found out that running every day will not even improve the elasticity of your body wherein fact, it is the major fundamentals in running. But why? Coach Ken has all the answer for this question.

If you wanted to achieve your goals why you run, one of the most important things that you should consider doing is getting a coach to train you how to run properly. Your running coach will not only teach you the basic fundamentals of running but will also advice you what you should not do when running.

Do not miss any opportunity that could make you a running pro or even a world champ,  it’s hard to to lose, but its a lot harder if you didn’t do what you were supposed to when you have all the chances.

Please feel free to meet this Successful Running Coach that has helped thousands of runners from all over the globe.