You’ll Missed 20% of Your Life if You Won’t Read this


I take it you’re reading this right now as you’re also one of those people who wanted to love life and just enjoy it to the fullest though seems like something is missing that you can’t just figure out what it is.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with how you feel. In fact, all of us go through the same experiences all throughout our lives. 

Below, I’ve created 5 tips on how to be happy. I based them on my personal experiences, and with what I have observed and learned from other people around me.

1. Pause

No, it’s not about literally pausing from what you do. It’s more about learning how to take a break, to slow down, and to just communicate with your inner self. Look back, talk to yourself, and evaluate yourself. Were all those things you did in the past, the other day, or a couple of hours back had made significant changes in your life? Were you able to benefit from them, did other people benefit from them as well? Life is not merely about you, your wants, your likes, your frustrations or your dreams. Life is more about sharing what you have, appreciating what is there, and fulfilling dreams that the majority should benefit. Until we do not realise that life is meant to be shared, we will never learn to value what we have around us. So today, take a break and just be thankful for what you have. You are what you are now because of what you had been in the past. You have this day to be able to create a beautiful tomorrow, so be glad and be thankful for it. Just pause for a while, take the time to be thankful, embrace who you are and what you’re made of.

2. Release

Do not hold anything back, do not make it hard for yourself. Do not ever try to hold on unto something that is not making you a better person. Life is like a box, so be careful what you put inside it. Be careful what you incorporate into your life. Want to know how to be extra cautious? Learn to release! Yes, release that resentment, that greediness, that jealousy, that negativity, that arrogance, anything that can poison your life must be released, eliminated and eradicated. It can be a little hard at first but don’t worry, the beginning is always the hardest. Learn to make some small sacrifices today, learn to release and just let it be! Live your life, don’t get trapped!

3. Touch

You like it, touch it! No, it’s not literally about touching the woman or the man you fancy. It’s about touching others’ lives. It’s not what you have done that will make people remember you, it’s how you made them feel. Some of the most interesting people in this world have touched lives in a way that is beyond their imaginations. If you have that pure intention to live life to the fullest, touching others’ lives will never be a responsibility, it would simply be a good habit for you that you cannot go on in a day without engaging yourself into it. So be free, touch lives, and experience that inner joy that money can’t buy!

4. Cut it Off

Yes, you must do it now, or else it will stick with you for life – it’s not something about green jokes, but about cutting off whatever it is that is pulling you back or holding you up. Is it fear, resentment, laziness, childish attitude, negativity, greediness, jealousy? Oh, come on, they will not feed your soul, in fact, if you let them take place in your life, you will end up disastrous. Remember, you have all the freedom, and free will – both were given to you not to destroy you but to make you the person that you were created for. Now, evaluate yourself, what is it that you were designed for? Were you created only to be manipulated with laziness? Were you created just to be driven by your temper? No, you are more significant than that! You are a masterpiece, you are magnificent, do not allow any negativity to degrade your value.

5. Open it

Look up to him! No, not to the performer in the stage! Look up to the one who made you, the one who created your life, and OPEN your heart to Him. Difficult times will come into our lives whether we like it or not but the good news is, they were made for us so we will learn to appreciate the good days. Learn to be always open to whatever life brings forth. Anything that has been made ought to be opened after all. And anything that has been given to you ought to be opened too. So, practice the same, you were given life, heart, and mind not because they must be closed but because they ought to be opened! Now, open your heart and let the sunshine in! Kidding, I mean let positive things keep you shining all throughout your life.

Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate it.


The Man Who Influenced Me, My Father

181531_10150093760582384_785586_nIf tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. ~Author Unknown

This is to commemorate my late father’s death. It’s almost 19 years!

Tay, wherever you are right now, I hope you are proud of me. I hope you see how much you have influenced my inner being. I hope you see how far I have come because since day one you never cease to believe that I can do it, that I can handle things that come my way.

Thank you for everything Tay. No one can take or replace your spot in my life and in my heart even if I find someone to get married with one to three years from now. (haha) It’s a hard quest, but eventually, I’ll get there for sure. I am no Elizabeth Queen or Anne Hathaway, but I believe I am beautiful, and I am a masterpiece. (Amen!!!)

I miss you so much, Tay. I will cherish and treasure all our shared memories until my dying day or even in life after death if God permits (hopefully).

The Country Girl In Me

Boracay Island Philippines

I have been exposed to the city life, but the country girl in me will always remain.

I was born and raised in a distant Hacienda of Bago City. I love the place where I was raised even though it has no access to electricity, no reasonable access to potable water, and the road is still not constructed up to these days.

Since birth, till I reached 15, I stayed in Hacienda though after turning 11 I already had the chance to explore the city life as my parents sent me to one of the private schools in Bacolod.

I really had a hard time finishing my Elementary years as I had to walk more than an hour every day to get to school. I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to prepare our breakfast, feed chickens, bring all the goats to the farm so they can eat fresh and green grass that is essential for their growth, and then proceed to spring, take a bath, have ourselves cleaned and get ready to travel to school. During that time it was mandatory for us to get to school before the flag ceremony or else we will get punished. Punishments include cleaning the School’s CR, cleaning up the playground or stay outstanding in front of the flagpole until the bell rang for break time.  At a young age, I had already been taught how to be responsible not just for my studies but also to all my other little siblings.

The good thing I like about my childhood experiences was that my other siblings and I kept helping each other in getting the entire-morning task done quickly so we could go to school earlier and arrived on time. Travel time can take up to more than an hour by the way! It was no joke!

As I grow up, the entire aspects of my being were also intensifying. My father was a great and responsible man. Despite his many obligations to my mother, to me, to the rest of my siblings, and to the cooperative which he was affiliated with; he still managed to propose and venture baking-business. He bought a set of baking materials to build a small bakery near our house.

He hired another family man to do the baking for us. During his free time, he tried to learn how to bake, and he even encouraged the rest of my siblings and me to learn the process of baking and selling bread. Since I don’t have an older brother, my late father assigned me to deliver all baked goodies to our avid customers. During those times the only ways we can travel fast is through running and through horseback riding. What I was genuinely thankful for was that, we have 5 horses which make our transportation a lot quicker and easier.

To be able to deliver baked goodies I had to ride my favourite horse which is also my pet, and I call her Trisha. For several years, Trisha helped us a lot. I was sad though as we had to sell Trisha due to financial instability after my father passed away.

My father’s death has really made our lives miserable, though it also taught me to be determined, brave, and wise. He was the only man I look up to, and when he died, I felt like everything have been taken from me. I felt like the world stopped from revolving. I didn’t know what to do, how to move on and how to live my life without him in our side. I felt so sad; I grieved deep within and even up to now I still do. Yes, I still cry a lot every time I remember him. Probably because I so miss him that I just can’t help but cry every time I remember the beautiful memories he shared with my other siblings and with me. On the other hand, I am also happy and thankful that he is at peace with the Lord now.  I believe God loves him and deep within my heart, I know the good Lord saved him as he was a good and a faithful man.

Despite the hardships that the rest of my siblings and I had gone through in the absence of our father we still survived and managed to live a good life. In my father’s grave, I promise to pursue all my dreams, to take care of my siblings and my mother, as well as to find a man who possesses the good qualities he has. The truth is my search is not over yet. Lol!