The Man Who Influenced Me, My Father

181531_10150093760582384_785586_nIf tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. ~Author Unknown

This is to commemorate my late father’s death. It’s almost 19 years!

Tay, wherever you are right now, I hope you are proud of me. I hope you see how much you have influenced my inner being. I hope you see how far I have come because since day one you never cease to believe that I can do it, that I can handle things that come my way.

Thank you for everything Tay. No one can take or replace your spot in my life and in my heart even if I find someone to get married with one to three years from now. (haha) It’s a hard quest, but eventually, I’ll get there for sure. I am no Elizabeth Queen or Anne Hathaway, but I believe I am beautiful, and I am a masterpiece. (Amen!!!)

I miss you so much, Tay. I will cherish and treasure all our shared memories until my dying day or even in life after death if God permits (hopefully).


Book Review : I Am Not A Minority! I’m Part of the Majority!

minorityI feel so privileged to be given the chance to review this mind enhancing, encouraging, inspiring and absolutely informative book authored by Valerie Christopher.

Stereo-typically, I am not the kind who devote my time reading children’s book but after learning about Valerie Christopher’s passion for children’s welfare, I realized that supporting her advocacy wont truly suffice, I mean I should really go out of my way to help her out and one of the best options I came up with is to promote her book and let the whole world know that it is there, that there is someone named Valerie Christopher who truly cares for children regardless of their race and thinking level.

I Am Not A Minority! I’m Part of the Majority! Is not just a book which speaks about what today’s children are capable of but most of all thoroughly illustrate the importance of helping, encouraging and guiding children for them to be able to achieve their highest potentials. Today’s children are the hope of the future. If every one of us would be passionate about supporting Valerie Christopher’s advocacy, we are not just sharing something at the present but for the rest of future generations.

I already got a copy of I Am Not A Minority! I’m Part of the Majority! And I absolutely encourage everyone to have it. This is not just for children but absolutely for everyone who truly cares for the world, and for the future generations.

Visit this site if you care about children.

Here’s Valerie Christopher’s Facebook page for more inspiring post.

The Importance of Communication in a Family


Create communication and build a happy family!

One of the most essential things that every family member should take into account is the importance of constant, proper and effective communications. If you are not going to communicate with the people you live with, nothing will happen to you. Lack of communication will not only create chaos but as well as misunderstanding that eventually will result to major issues among family members and will even lead to broken relationships.

Great parents are those who implement discipline and create harmonious relationship at home through effective communications. You couldn’t create a good relationship with your children if you are not communicating with them. You wouldn’t have ideas about the needs and wants of your children if you are not constantly listening to them. Recent studies reveal that parents who failed to give emphasis to the essentiality of constant and effective communications among their children are inclined to encounter issues and misunderstanding at home. And if these issues will continue, it will ruin the harmonious relationship of the family and will even cause broken relationships.

By nature, people want to be heard, and be understood, and if these needs aren’t met at home, children will tend to reach out to people who will give the attention they are craving for. They will look for the company that will make them feel the so called “sense of belongingness”.  Everybody wants to feel that they are loved, respected and wanted and all these must achieve first at home.


As parents if you care too much about your children and if you love them that much, then make sure that you create good line of communications among the entire members of your family.